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Our vehicles are EUR IV. Diesel.
Unser Kraftfahrzeugpark All our vehicles have CRM, CASCO and shipment insurances. We have installed satellite GPS system and on-board computers into all the vans so that we can give instant information about the whereabouts of the vehicle. The average age of the vehicles is half a year.

A Ho-Máhr Trans Kft. 2010. április hónaptól kizárólag DIDb (Driver Identification Database) kártyával rendelkező, minősített gépjárművezetőket alkalmaz. Since April 2010 the Ho-Máhr Ltd. has employed only DID card owner qualified drivers. The Driver Identification Database, or DID is a global quality assurance system for drivers and enterprises involved in land shipment. The system assesses the driver in an objective but at the same time strict way, and he/she is recorded in the database only if the driver achieves an appropriate evaluation. DID is a complex system which records only reliable and adequate drivers. All the drivers have to prove a clean criminal record. The performance and reliability of the DID system members is continually supervised.

The DID system helps prevent the customers being damaged by criminal actions. DID is the solution to the fast and effective identification and quality assurance. Using the DID system we can minimise the threat and the damage caused by the organised criminal gangs that specialise in shipment.

Unser Kraftfahrzeugpark

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